Daily Prompt: Cause, Meet Effect

     In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cause, Meet Effect.”

You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?


I was on my way out the door for a run when I stumbled upon this prompt and it got me to thinking.

Cause: Television News

 Effect: Leaves me angry, unnerved, sad

The first thing I do every morning after I wake up is turn my TV to my local news station. I’m usually up by 6:15 am and by 6:45 am, I am feeling angry, unnerved, sad – by the images and stories I’ve heard. I’m tired of feeling this way. I know the world can be a rough and tumble place but I also know that it is a good place, filled with good people. So, for the next 60-days, I will no longer start or end my day watching the news. No more Action news, Al Jazeera or CNN – for 60-days. It’ll be rough, being the news junkie that I am but hey – I survived chemo.

Well, I’m off for my morning run. The next 60-days should be interesting to say the least.


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