Stick a Fork In Me – I’m Done


You know the holiday-eating tips fitness experts and nutritionists share in the hopes that we will avoid overeating during the holiday season? Yea, well I did not follow their advice.

Since the holiday season began, I allowed cookies, pies, homemade candies, chocolates, sugary-drinks, excessive amounts of alcohol, white flour, white potatoes, and assorted breads into my diet. Willingly.


Anyone who knows me knows sweets and breads are not a part of my norm but once that first sweet dessert made it on to my plate during that was pretty much all she wrote, I could no longer look the other way.

Oh well.

I may feel like crap now but believe me, I enjoyed every darn bite. I just hope that next year I’ll be able to stick to my paleo diet or at least enjoy the bad stuff in moderation.

It’s time to get back to my paleo lifestyle and training for my first half marathon in 2015.

Nutritional reset, here I come.

Stick a Fork In Me – I’m Done

5 thoughts on “Stick a Fork In Me – I’m Done

  1. The holiday season isn’t the time to stick to any food plan. I’m happy you figured that out and aren’t beating yourself up. I’ve been trying to do the same. There’s just so. Much. Stuff! LOL Come the 2nd of January, it will be business as usual. 😉


  2. If your interested, im starting a sugar detox tomorrow (because, yeah, the holidays killed my nutrition! And it tasted damn good!) and im detailing it on my blog. Follow along with me if you want!


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