3 Things I Learned Since Starting A Home-Based Business

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Four months ago I became a direct seller for Rodan and Fields. A lot of people give me the side-eye when I tell them about it but you can’t knock this hustle. This side-gig is blessing me with an extra $400-$600 a month. Cell-phone bills are not cheap and don’t get me started on Comcast! Fix those fees, Jesus.

As I grow in my business the lessons keep coming but these are my top three that I always share with new consultants when they join my team.

1. It seems I know a lot of poor people. Before I purchased my business kit, it seemed like everyone I knew was bragging about the lavish trips they were going to take, or the obscenely expensive designer bags they were going to buy. Then suddenly, after I start my direct-business, no one had any money, no one knew anyone that had money but they were always on the look-out for me if they happen to cross someone with money. I learned early on to never, ever, ever (ever, ever) take it personally. I’ll find the people that will find value in my product.

2. Blood is not thicker than a direct-business. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or a home-based business, when you have goods to sell you go to your personal network first. My personal network of friends and family gave me a false sense of sales because only four people in my vast network purchased any of my goods. To this day, neither my Mom nor my sister has purchased any of my products. I learned early on to never, ever, ever (ever, ever) take it personally. I’ll find the people that will find value in my product.

3. My Why keeps me in the game. Running a business is hard. There are so many things that can and will go wrong. But I’ve found that it’s not about my sponsor, or my support-system or the no’s I’ve been getting on the regular. It’s about why I decided to start this endeavor in the first place. This ride can be an emotional roller-coaster that is why it is best I work on making me the best damn me I can. I’ve learned to stand on my own and align myself with other successful consultants. My sponsor is my sponsor but my success is on me – my why. I’ve even begun looking at “no’s” as not a bad thing. The more no’s I get, the better – that means I’m more active…and there will be a yes coming my way soon enough. I will find the people that find value in my product as well as in the business opportunity.

So, there you have it. Business, like life, is about how you deal with adversity. Don’t give up and stay in the game.


3 Things I Learned Since Starting A Home-Based Business

One thought on “3 Things I Learned Since Starting A Home-Based Business

  1. You make very valid points. Many new entrepreneurs are people like you and me, those who have a dream and want something more than a steady (and sometimes minimal) 9 to 5 paycheck. To be around people with a high threshold income is to become one of them and it requires persistence and a boat load of grit. We have to build a network that exceeds family and friends to make our endeavors successful, but more importantly, whatever the reason was that pushed us to take a huge leap into building a business is the very reason that will keep us motivated, especially through the lean times.

    Thanks for this post and keeping it supa-dupa real.


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