I hated podcasts. Up until a few months ago, I never listened to them because I didn’t think they had any significance. The only people I thought gravitated to podcasts were hipsters or suburbanites and Lord knows I don’t have too much in common with those demographics. I was a podcast bigot and my feelings ran deep.

“Everyone Hates Chris” was the catalyst that changed my stance on podcasts. Not the show, the producer – Ali LeRoi. I am a huge fan of his. HUGE. And when I discovered he had a podcast with Owen Smith (remember that funny State Farm commercial?) those prejudices went out the window! Yo, their interview with Todd Bridges was nothing short of AMAZING!

This podcast was like my gateway drug podcast. I found myself listening during my commute into work, listening while I worked, listening while I exercised, while I cooked dinner – whenever, wherever, I was listening. And when it clicked that I can learn stuff listening to these shows – my world opened up. I have over 85 podcasts in my playlist – and I’ve only been an active listener for four months.

I’m listening for entertainment, personal development as well for developing strategies for my network marketing business. I heart podcasts. I feel like I need a t-shirt or something declaring my love.

Anyway, these are my top six favorite podcasts (and they are in no order):

  1. Alias Smith and LeRoi podcast. Listen NOW. Two of the funniest, most connected dudes in the business!
  2. Amy Porterfield podcast. She is a social media strategist that worked with Tony Robbins and I heart her so much!
  3. This Is Your Life podcast. Michael Hyatt has become my virtual mentor as I begin my entrepreneur journey. His podcasts are very helpful!
  4. Street Smart Wealth podcast with Jackie Ulmer. A network marketing business opportunity was introduced to me and I wanted in but I needed to learn about the biz – she has great tips and she walks you through each step.
  5. StarTalk podcast with my main-man, NdGT. A place where science meets comedy and pop culture – a it’s a winner!
  6. The Chalene Show with Chalene Johnson. Leadership and life coach…and she is the bomb!

What podcasts are you listening to? I’m always looking for new shows to add to my ever-growing playlist.

Happy Listening.